Uruguay is now visa-free for Ukrainians

Today both banks of Río de La Plata became easily accessible for the citizens of Ukraine, as Uruguay has implemented the visa free agreement. (The stay is allowed, including with non-biometric passports, for up to 90 days, with the possibility of prolongation for another 90 days.)

More importantly, with closure of this last ‘gap’, Ukrainians can now travel across nearly all of South America without a visa (except for the Caribbean coast, Las Guayanas, as well as Bolivia, which issues VOA). The neighbours of Uruguay have contributed some years ago: Paraguay since 2009, Argentina and Brasíl – 2011, Chile – 2015.


It has become a common thing for many Western Europeans since around the 60’s to travel unrestricted in South America (or, later, in both Americas). This freedom has expanded to other EU nations over the years, as well as to their southeastern and eastern neighbours. The only South American countries that lag back with it are Suriname, Bolivia, and especially Guayana – the latter has a very awkward Cold War-looking policy of no airside transit to all but a few post-Communist states’ nationals.

Some other exceptions, however, remain to day:

  • Argentina requires a visa from the citizens of Bosna i Hercegovina, Shqipëria and Rep. Moldova;
  • Uruguay – same as above plus North Macedonia;
  • Brasíl – from the Republic of Moldova;
  • Paraguay – from San Marino, all non-EU Balkan states, Rep. Moldova;
  • Perú – from Bosna i Hercegovina, Shqipëria, Georgia;
  • Few countries in the region recognize Kosovo. (Perú and Colombia do.)

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