Summer eclipse combo

— Good morning, Last Quarter Moon, what do we have for breakfast?
— How about a three-course meal?  —
she said.

  • In one week there’ll be une petite rendez-vous in Australia, a partial solar eclipse on July* 13. (10% in Hobart)
  • In three weeks, a tasty main course – a total lunar eclipse, nearly 1¾ hours long, visible worldwide (July 27/28) except for North & Central America.
  • In five weeks, a cold dessert in the Arctic Ocean, comes another partial solar eclipse on August 11. Northern Europe will have its slice (over 45% on Svalbard, 29% in Tromsø, 20% in Reykjavík). Then, ha det bra til år 2019!

We won’t be among the élite to see the Tasmanian phenomenon (*and sorry mates, I realise you call it a winter eclipse), but the plans are firm for the other two. Stay tuned!

Moon July 6thLast quarter Moon on July 6 from Kyiw, 7:12 EET.

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