What does the Full Moon say tonight?

– Get off the sofa and pack your luggage for the eclipse!

Now as we have passed the 2 weeks beacon on the countdown and the weekend approaches there couldn’t be any better time to get prepared.

Full Moon tonight at midnight, from latitude 50°N

Full Moon at midnight, from latitude 50°N

What is interesting here tonight in this photo snap is that I could imagine the Sun instead of a Moon in the very same frame, not without a reason: their virtual positions accurately* match, owing to a fun set of coincidences:
• The eclipse will occure on the equinox day. This implies, its declination will be 0° (crossing the celestial equator);
• The position of the Full Moon is antipodal to the position of the New Moon (=eclipsed Sun). So its declination is also 0° but R.A. is +12h.
• In East Europe (ca. 30-35°E) the mid-eclipse occures at local noon. Likewise, that moment marks the highest altitude of the Sun on that… on the equinox day, that equals 90°-φ. In simple words, the distance between the eclipsed Sun and the horizon in degrees will be equal to the distance between you and the North Pole. For instance,
in Moscow: Sun altitude 33°, latitude 56° (=90-33);
in Svalbard: Sun altitude 11°, latitude 78° (≈90-11);

*with an accuracy of 3° in declination/altitude, which is usually negligible in general planning.

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