Welcome to AstroSafari

We chase rare and spectacular celestial events, which often entails visiting unique and remote destinations. We roam across the globe to find the darkest night sky amidst the unspoiled nature. It is a great pleasure to share the knowledge and the exciting experiences with the same-minded people, like our subscribers. Karibu!

Destinations of our expeditions are chosen based on the best prospects of viewing such phenomena as solar & lunar eclipses, as well as watching aurora (the northern lights) and major meteor showers, near-Earth asteroids and remarkable comets.
Astrosafari tours are often combined with leisure trips and stargazing, where one can fully absorb the atmosphere of a place and get the most use of a perfect sky. Finally, there are discovery and scouting trips for the new destinations.

Eclipse chasing trips are particularly challenging among those aforementioned, yet they are, perhaps, the most dramatic sky events, that leave unforgettable experiences.

As of 2023, we operate in fourteen countries, and there are 12 more destinations that we have travelled in the past or do future preparations for. 

Green: active; Blue: inactive (past or planning); Grey: suspended destinations